December 5, 2023

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OV7 ends their CDMX concert tour: when, at what time and where they will say goodbye to their fans

OV7 ends their CDMX concert tour: when, at what time and where they will say goodbye to their fans

The concert tour for OV7 It has come to an end; After performing concerts in cities in Mexico and the United States in front of thousands of people who grew up with them and loved their music, they announced that it was time to say goodbye and they will do so in a big way with a concert set in the country’s capital. AS Mexico We tell you all the details.

When and at what time will the OV7 concert tour end?

Take note! If you are a fan of OV7 and want to be a part of their last show, this information will heal your soul as they will say their final farewell in… Mexico City On December 14, 2023, they announced on their social networks. It will be a magical night.

Where will OV7 say goodbye to its fans?

On their official Instagram account, the band made a “farewell” announcement, revealing that it will be at the Mexico City Arena where they will play their final concert of the tour.

#The grand finale From the tour #OV7thirty It already has a history. December 14th will be our last concert and we want to share it with you! We are waiting for you at Mexico City Arena to say goodbye and have an unforgettable moment for everyone. Tickets are on sale now through Super Boletos.

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Where to buy tickets and prices?

the OV7 propellers You can purchase your tickets through the official Super Tickets page, which is now fully available. According to the website, tickets have different costs, the cheapest of which is 440 and the most expensive reaches 2824 pesosEach one depends on the region you choose.

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  • VIP: $2,824
  • Red: $2,448
  • Parcel Fuego: $2,071
  • Pepsi Zone: $2,071
  • Yellow: $2,071
  • Rochefrance: $1,820
  • McCramick: $1,820
  • Azteca Bank: $1,820
  • Green: $1820
  • Platinum Premier Box: $1,569
  • Deluxe Gold Box: $1,569
  • Various capacities: $1,569
  • Light blue: $1,569
  • Limited Big Gold Box: $1,569
  • Purple: $1,255
  • Aqua: $1004
  • Pink: $753
  • Coffee: $565
  • Grey: $440

data! Mexico City Arena is located at Avenida de las Granjas 800, Santa Bárbara, Azcapotzalco, 02230 Mexico City, CDMX.

OV7’s decision to bid farewell to the stage was a choice filled with love And respect for his fans who have been an essential part of his career. This concert promises to be an unforgettable event that encapsulates the essence of the band And memories shared throughout 34 years; Where attendees will have the opportunity to do so Relive the group’s greatest hits And celebrate together the musical legacy they left,” is his message Super tickets As part of the grand offer description.

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