June 20, 2024

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The Metal Gear Solid you want is brought in by AI

The Metal Gear Solid you want is brought in by AI

¿Metal Gear Solid remasterizado?

Before you start jumping for joy and searching desperately for where to buy this gem, we must wake you up from your dream and warn you that we are simply ahead remasterizacion From the game’s trailer, a video that was first shown on E3 of 2000 And this became the history of video games.

The trailer in question left all fans and the industry hallucinating thanks to a slew of details that only Hideo Kojima had in mind at the time. The first thing that was surprising was that it was rendered in real time, showing off the capabilities of the PlayStation 2 before the console hit stores. The gameplay of cameras, lighting effects and environmental destruction prove that the gameplay was on a level like never before.

The trailer marked the moment and became so popular, that Konami decided to release a commemorative DVD in Japan that includes 9 minutes Content that drove fans crazy, and that’s exactly what Digital Foundry used in their experiment.

Optimizing graphics using artificial intelligence

Metal Gear Solid 4K IA

With the help of the program Topaz Video Enhance AIDigital Foundry was able to resell the original 480i source to a stunning 4K at 60 frames per second, and the results were generally good. There are details like texts or static elements of the interface that are completely optimized, although others like Yoji Shinkawa’s art graphics look much worse due to the complexity of their strokes.

It must be borne in mind that there is a decision 480 fontWe’re actually talking about a 240-line original, so the transition to 4K is even more surprising.

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Is the future in the hands of artificial intelligence?

The thinking behind this experiment is pretty straightforward. Given how AI systems have advanced, it is easy to think that they will replace human labor sooner or later in many respects. Coincidentally, Kojima himself brought up this approach on the same day that Digital Foundry published this bizarre analysis, stating that one day the software would be interested in making remastered copies without human help.

This context is undoubtedly very possible, which is that with results like those of this remastered trailer, anything is possible. As explained by the Digital Foundry, results should be seen if AI is taught exclusively using information samples and video games. Will the result be better? Very likely.

DVD-quality original trailer: