December 6, 2023

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What white pants to buy in fall and winter 2023?

What white pants to buy in fall and winter 2023?

With the arrival of freezing temperatures, it is natural for us to change our skirts Pants are in trend, but white pantsEspecially in the middle of winter, it’s like a clean slate in your closet. Winter white has something striking and bold about it.

It is a monochromatic fashion formula that has long been championed by the most experienced street designers in each city. Just follow the example of Vogue’s Ton Goodman, who wears multiple pairs of Levi’s Pure white Throughout the year. No matter the season, Defenders of white pants They demonstrated that the garment can, in fact, be worn any time of the year, even after the old Labor Day expiration date rule expires.

Of course, in practical terms, White pants This may not be the wisest choice for an icy sidewalk after a snowstorm, although street style stars would disagree! But regardless of the weather and doubters White winter pants You should consider trying it.

Neutral as they are, White pants will easily match with the rest of your wardrobe For the cold, like thick wool sweaters, stylish black coats, mid-calf boots, and high-heeled loafers.

Plus, there’s a whole range of shades and fabrics you can choose from. Think about some Stone wool pleated trousersAnd some recycled leather in ivory and some cashmere in tan or some White jeans. And what’s better? You won’t have to put them away when the flowers start to bloom. Who knows, you might discover that they look better in cooler temperatures than at the beach.

What white pants to wear in fall and winter 2023?