November 28, 2023

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Rao Alejandro shows how to wear men’s high-heeled ankle boots

Rao Alejandro shows how to wear men’s high-heeled ankle boots

the Latin Grammys 2023but Rau Alejandro’s appearance He still lives in my thoughts without paying the rent. I have to admit that when it comes to men’s red carpet fashion, I usually arrive prepared to cover up, ready to see one black suit and another, without any risk or show. And yes, the Puerto Rican wore a black tailor, but you have to see the black tailor and how he put it together.

Translator for all of you He gave lessons in style that are simply timeless, genderless and endure beyond history. Red carpet Where it was submitted. He carried a saint laurent black suit, A fashion house known for the seduction it adds to its designs and this also includes its men’s collections, all you have to do is see Rauw’s clothes to be sure of that.


The deep-shouldered blazer was paired with a low-cut tank top and straight trousers with satin detailing that coordinated the epitome of sensual sophistication (quite Saint Laurent, to tell the truth). But pay attention to the complementary detail: that pastel pink silk scarf as a subtle touch and some Patent leather ankle boots with heel.

How to wear high-heeled ankle boots in the style of Rauw Alejandro?

Juan Naharo Jimenez

Alejandro Rao in a Saint Laurent suit and high-heeled ankle boots.

Naturally, the most conservative opinions on social networks did not hesitate to comment on the election Raw AlejandroBut come on, we are in the year 2023 and at this point it is known among fashion experts that Heels Its origins go back to men’s fashion, where its main reference was the luxurious reign of Louis XVI, who adopted it as formal shoes for the nobility.

Despite being a symbol of femininity for decades, Heels It has escaped the barriers of heterogeneous fashion and the latest look Raw Alejandro It’s secret but compelling evidence. On the other hand, fashion capitals host more extravagant examples of use Heels for menFrom designer Lou Roche to Marc Jacobs, there are no longer gender rules for high heels.

Edouard Berthelot

Lou Roach wears high heels at New York Fashion Week.

Randy Brock

Marc Jacobs wears high-heeled ankle boots at the conclusion of his Spring/Summer 2020 show.

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